2013.10.07. 11:36

esik esik és ömlik

Photo: Day 29. You should see them getting out of the pool. My God. When the fastest are out of the pool, we go in. It feels so joyful after have seen them been draged out of the pool, helped up to stand, pooring down hot water in the suit and hot the in the mouth. Tjohoo now we will go in. I am soooooo happy we only swim 1 500 m. I am not freezing that easy as Gisela but it is ridiculous Cold. After the swim out in the pooring rain. Now it is one more day for us, soon for them. I can not say to them that it will get better, because that is a lie if you hang on to the forecast. It will get worse. But nothing seems to break the 8 big ones. They are pushing, but just a Little bit slower. I am to old for Idols, but if I will collect them again, I just have 8 names on my list. No 9 would be Guy Rossi. Tomorrow will I and Gisela try to break the World record or the fastest time known so far for a 30 Olympics. That is nothing compared to my future Idols, but it was mentally tougher in real Life then in my planning mind back in sweden, in my sofa, sipping a cup of coffe and watching the TV. I am not that much for the WR/FT but it should be fun if it comes true. My Dad became 46 and my Mom 54. I´d rather beat that record.

Photo: Esik


Rettenetesen fázik mindenki, a végére 8 tripladeca ironman és 6 decaironman ért célba a 29.napon.

 "12h.15'40"for Ferenc Szonyi and 12h.50'42"for Jozsef Rokob. "

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